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Mohawk Communications has gained extensive telecomminications experience with Regional Bell Operating Companies (i.e. Verizon and Bell South) as well as Competitive Local Exchange Carriers in both Sales and Operations. Most of this experience has been gained handling the Voice, Data and Internet needs of mid-sized to large business customers in the New England and New York/NJ marketplaces. The knowledge and expertise gained over the last decade has resulted in the development of an Account Management Philosophy that can fully address and resolve your specific telecommunications requirements.

The mission of Mohawk Communications is to analyze your needs, select the right services and providers, then provide a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with each and every client.

We have the ability to market and manage the services of approximately 20 different Carriers. The response from the marketplace has been extremely positive as it allows us to operate in a true consultative manner.

Due to rapid changes in the telecommunications industry, most viable Carriers have made the strategic decision to "outsource" the Sales and Account Management function for customers other than the Fortune 500/1000. As a result, via "Sales Agency" with virtually all-viable Carriers, Mohawk Communications is able to truly act in the customer's best interest, in that we are not tied to representing any one Carrier exclusively.

Based on this evolving strategy within the industry, Mohawk Communications is able to truly recommend and the provision the right services from the right Carrier to each of our clients from day one. We make every attempt to remain "Carrier Neutral" as it relates to our selection of services for our clients and are able to do so given the intensely competitive nature of telecommunications. We believe that business owners like you need to focus on your business - increase efficiencies and gain competitive advantages to compete within your own field. What you don't need to do is spend time keeping pace with the fluid telecom industry…

That's Where Mohawk Communications Comes In.

The service you want, the technology you need!

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