The statement that the weather has been unpredictable over the last few years , is quite an understatement for us New Englanders!!

We have been subject to Northeasters in October, power failures, floods, fires and a few other natural disasters. You see the headlines everyday, the threats confronting your business are wide ranging. With budgets tight, any amount of downtime can put your business at risk. Mohawk is here to help you! Mohawk professionals will work with you to design the network that meets your needs

With around the clock coverage and always ON services, Mohawk offers solutions that protect your vital IT Infrastructure, meets RTO/RPO objectives, and gets your Workforce back to work. When disaster strikes Mohawk is ready!

Disaster Recovery Overview.


  • Parthenon cloud
  • Electronic Vaulting
  • Replication
  • Colocation and Enterprise Hosting services
  • Data Backup and Storage Solutions.

Workforce Services

  • Dedicated Seats and Suites
  • Shared Seats

In times of crisis, a company's data is the asset most at risk and hardest to replace. That's why a sound recovery and backup plan is crucial to preventing business disruption. With offsite backup, full failover replication of your IT environment, a highly redundant SSAE 16 Compliant Data Center, and a team of disaster recovery engineers, we have your IT services covered.

Whether you need to back up specific data or you need the whole business infrastructure and operations protected, your extended IT solutions experts from Mohawk can help design a solution to best your disaster recovery needs.

Let our disaster recovery and business continuity consultants provide you with a customized solution. Give yourself piece of mind that your business is safe from hard drive failure, fire, water damage, natural disasters, or even theft - ask the Mohawk Communications experts to join your team and learn how disaster planning with Mohawk today means business continuity tomorrow.

Three different types of colocation to suit your needs and budget:

Option 1

With our full hardware colocation it's easy to mirror current working client hardware in a colocated environment. Your system can be online instantly in the event of an IT disaster.

Option 2

Virtual hardware allows you to mirror all mission critical applications on virtual hardware environments. Application data is mirrored in virtual, web-based VMWare or Cloud environments. This system can be online instantly in the event of a disaster.

Option 3

By storing a copy of all mission-critical data offsite, you have instant backup in the event of a disaster. Our team performs nightly incremental or full backup based on data types. Choose from real-time data backup or nightly metal-to-metal offsite backups. Offsite SAN Replication is sent to our Rochester or Boston Data Centers.

The service you want, the technology you need!

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