Internet Service

We can provide all speeds of internet for your business. Whether you need a single high-speed connection, multiple connections and/or a T1, we can do everything from installation to making sure your service works on all of your computers and phones. Is your internet down or giving you problems? Call us, we can troubleshoot it for you and most times we can fix it after a single phone call (413-729-2000).

We work with a variety of different internet providers such as Comcast, Cox, Verizon Fios, and Charter just to name a few. Why should you let Mohawk work with these providers for your service? We are here to personally service your needs. No more calling toll free numbers and talking to an automated voice. Call us and we will handle your problem for you.

In addition to providing internet connections at your business, we also can provide you with internet related products. Some of these products are web monitoring, data backup, colocation, and our newest and hottest product hosted phone service!

The service you want, the technology you need!

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